Chapter 13

Estadio of dreams Gol!!!!! Hernanes scores again, The Estadio cicero pompeu de Toledo rises in decibels, The Alvinegro praiano are furious, O Clube da fe are ecstatic, The Copa do Brasil has found a new home tonight........ Carlo Moraes was overjoyed, Sao Paulo FC beat Santos FC three goals to nothing, Sao Paulo was more … Continue reading Chapter 13

Chapter 12

Carlo Moraes His first visit to Sao Paulo was at sixteen, Now not so much had changed in the vibrant city of Brazil after eight years, It still consisted of its Sandy beaches where the sun met the sea, The love for football that displayed itself on the streets, the beautiful women that roamed about … Continue reading Chapter 12

Chapter 11

Rude Awakening Philip was restless, Cole was anxious, Diego was missing and Dave had been kidnapped. “Have you tried his number again?” Cole asked. “ Yes, I even tried dialing it a minute ago but it was switched off” Philip answered anxiously. There was a ring. “Your phone?” Philip asked. “No, I guess it's the … Continue reading Chapter 11

Chapter 10

Flight 10:57am. A man begins dying at the moment of his birth. Most people live in denial of Death's patient stare until late in life they become aware of him sitting beside. Diego thought about this while Billy drove down the road, sometimes life was insane, playing tricks on or worst still with your head … Continue reading Chapter 10

Chapter 8

Lost Courage is grace under pressure. He had never understood that until now and he was neck deep in ocean depth crushing pressure. “Now Dave, walk slowly to the black sedan across the street” “How do I know she's still alive and with you there” Dave said over the phone. “Hope, Dave, Hope, Isn't it … Continue reading Chapter 8

Chapter 6

Fame Diego was overwhelmed. He had been here in his father's Paris headquarters often, but mostly on visitation, the power belonged to his father. And now it belonged to him. He scanned the huge office and felt really small. The room was magnificently and beautifully decorated. On the wall behind the chair hung a portrait … Continue reading Chapter 6